ARIS Leathers was created with the intention to be a brand synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, a minimalist ethos, and classic style. This makes our leather bags and accessories a go-to for wearable, everyday staples that last.

Handcrafted with passion and precision by master artisans

Today’s demanding lifestyle has resulted in many industries turning to mass production, routinely choosing quantity over quality. This has led to difficulty in terms of sourcing unique products. That's why we value traditional production methods and why every single piece of leather is picked, cut, stretched, and stitched by hand in our workshop.

Premium quality

Our company is proud to use only premium quality vegetable tanned leather produced in Italian tanneries where artisan skills and traditions have been passed from fathers to sons for centuries. Made from Scandinavian cowhides with a high oil content, Crazy Horse-style leather will in time begin tell the story of your life and mature beautifully without ruining. The natural patina process will cause a glossy external layer to be created making the product look even more exceptional than before.

Functional & Timeless Design

Our products are beautifully minimal and designed to be timeless, classic pieces. We look at how modern men and women use their accessories on a daily basis to inform our design process and keep silhouettes fresh. Our accessories are made for real life and meant to be functional, lasting and personal.